Hi! I’m Kathy, an Indiana artist, who is fulfilling my lifelong dream of creating for a living. I’m a wife & mom, and I’ve always known that one day, someday, this would be my reality.

Remember the smell of a fresh new box of crayons (64 count, WITH a built-in sharpener anyone??) Well, that was my nirvana, at least until I got to school and discovered all the other available mediums. Art was my one true constant, until college where, like most great love stories, things went awry and I was lured away by other pursuits. Long story short, I’m now raising 3 ridiculously great kids and have been finding creative outlets here & there along the way. But that paintbrush-shaped void never left, nor did the itch to fill it. I believe that God never puts a desire in our hearts that He doesn’t expect us to act upon.
So. Here I am. Sharing what I love to do with you. I hope you find something that inspires you & brings about a little joy!


I work with acrylics and my portfolio consists of mostly of abstract expressionism, which is really just a fancy pants way of saying that, since I feel a lot when I paint, I want to evoke emotions from my paintings as well. As a recovering perfectionist, I love the beauty of imperfection found in manipulating colors and brushstrokes around on a canvas. I’ve found that I’m better off not going into a painting with set expectations…ideas maybe, but even those often dissolve into something unanticipated.

Occasionally, I’ll tighten things up and play around with more realistic imagery. Some of that work may find it’s way on here as well.

“Our potential from God is the gift He gave to us. What we do with that potential is
our gift back to Him.” - Rachel Hollis